illustration by Phuc van Dang


Phuc Van Dang creates workshops for children in schools as well as art museums, during art festivals and in different communities or projects both in Denmark and abroad. His workshops engage children in art experiences and storytelling, which encourages problem solving, critical thinking, confidence and creative skills and initiates conversations and deeper reflections. During his workshops, Phuc Van Dang focuses on storytelling as a means to let children immerse themselves into the process of creating art.

During the children's development of stories and sketches, Phuc Van Dang gives feedback and guides the way to reflection and clarification of feelings and ideas within the theme. Through purposeful questions and tasks, he steers the children from practical to abstract and conceptual thinking and helps them let go of preconceived ideas and move into a state of curiosity, possibilities and transformation. Tell a story of love without drawing a heart.

Streetart With Storytelling

The video is an insight into the artistic process and what teachers and students have gained from it at Broager School in Soenderjylland.

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